Today’s Episode Brought to You by the Number 16

I really hate doing the marathon updates like I did last time where you get stuck reading a narrative about what I find fascinating in my own life, even though I know it isn’t actually fascinating. So, today I thought I would try a “By The Numbers.” I was first introduced to the idea by the Star Tribune, who summarizes some of their biggest stories with a By The Numbers on the front page of the paper.

Six. The number of Mexican-themed meals I have consumed in the last seven days.

Nine. The number of hours worked at “The ‘Bou.”

Twenty-seven. The number of laps I swam Wednesday morning.

Five. The number of loads of laundry that still need to be completed tonight. Yikes.

Five and a half. The average number of hours of sleep per night this week. Thanks a lot, Midterms. . .

Three. The estimated number of POTS of coffee (10 cups per pot) I consumed this week. This may explain the previous entry.

Twenty-eight. The length of time (in minutes) that it is supposed to take an ‘express’ load of laundry to wash.

Forty-two. The actual length of time (in minutes) of an ‘express’ load. (There is nothing express about being tardy, Maytag, nothing.)

Six hundred, twenty-three. The number of times I thought about chocolate cake this week. I assure you, this is not exaggerated.

Six. The number of classes attended this week.

Four. Number of classes enjoyed this week.

One. Number of days until I leave for California.

Eight. The current setting on the electric blanket.

Seventeen. The number of minutes that could have gone to something productive (like 5 loads of laundry) that instead went to this update.


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