Updating is So Hard to Do

I hope you haven’t been checking back on the blog daily waiting for an update, and if you have I apologize 25 times– once for each day that you were so harshly robbed of the insights from my corner of the world.

Wow, that sounds a little ego-centric, huh? To think that the happiness of your day would revolve around me sharing my slightly sub-significant musings about homework and soy lattes. . . let’s check my big fat head at the door and start this over:

Hi! I’ve missed you, my faithful readers, even though I can’t really tell if you are reading or not. I still missed you and the idea that you are enjoying these words while you have some coffee/tea/orange juice in the morning.

Okay, I promised after that one marathon post I would never do that again. So I won’t update you on EVERYTHING that has happened in the last almost-month. Quickly, we’ll do some highlights. Hopefully it will satiate you Katie craving.

1. Vacation to Half Moon Bay, Calif. was Aaaaaaah-mazing. Amazing. “Yay yay wonderful” is about the extent to which I can articulate how fantastic it really was. I was definitely ready to give up my “real life” and become and organic farmer/artist and grow pumpkins, artichokes and olallieberries. Trust me, you want to click that link to Wikipedia and check out the wicked pedigree chart of the olallieberry.

2. School is crazy ( I think I say this every time). 14 credits is about 5 too many for a grad school semester, but I would never admit that (and you didn’t read it here). The CHE Ladies (my school group of friends) decided the other day that we only get 1 meltdown per semester and since I so foolishly wasted that in February, I have had no choice but to just bite the bullet and push through all of the work. In a more ethical school issue, I have a class that continues to reward me for bad behavior. I haven’t been working hard in the class at all, but I keep getting some ridiculously good grades. I know I shouldn’t complain, but I feel kind of guilty. However, I have gotten through this far without too much work and now that other things are picking up so dramatically I am not sure I can really dedicate any more time to the class anyway. But she literally gave me an A+ (which made me feel very much like I was in fourth grade, actually) for an assignment that I hardly remember writing.

3. Signed a lease on a new apartment in the Uptown area. This can be a quick update because the best thing about this is a handful of things: cute place, neat area, fun roommates, reasonably priced. All good.

4. This weekend I discovered the fine (and so delicious) line between a live fish and a dead raw fish. Live fish give me the absolute spine-tingling heebie-jeebies, but I tried sushi for the first time this weekend and I loved it. Now, I will admit that I was in excellent company and maybe that influenced my taste buds towards a preference for sushi, but raw fish is still raw fish. I am not sure that even being a little smitten for someone can overcome that if I really didn’t like it.

5. And, finally, two things in life are certain: death and taxes. Brought the taxes home and had an excellent, and very well-priced, tax-preparer file my taxes for me this year (thanks, Dad) and was pleasantly surprised at my return. It pays to be poor. . . once a year. Especially since the tax-preparer’s other employee makes a delicious chili (thanks, Mom).

Okay lovelies, Happy Monday and hopefully I will be back sooner rather than later. As long as something interesting happens to me.


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