That’s right, it’s WhoTube now, as in “who hacked my YouTube account, and why on earth would you?” And like I wasn’t gonna figure it out. . . it’s like you don’t even know this Mugwump.

Okay, the hacker probably doesn’t know me. And I don’t know if this would qualify as a “hacking,” per se, because this really involves no sensitive information. It does, however, affect my viral video viewing habits.

I looked for a synonym of “habit” that started with a V for a 4-V alliteration phrase, which would have been absolutely epic for a Sunday night. I looked for an embarassingly long time online, but came up with nothing. I am sorry the use of the word “habit” is such a let down at the end of that sentence.

In light of my hacking experience at YouTube, I have created a “How to Know if Someone Unknown to You has Tampered With Your YouTube Account” to share with you. I will dispense my knowledge here.

1. Log in to your personal account at YouTube.com.

2. Look at your “Recommended for You” videos on the homepage.

3. Say to yourself, “Huh, some of these videos seem like odd recommendations. I have never searched or watched this kind of stuff on YouTube before.”

4. Accept that YouTube is a giant, twisted web of videos that sometimes connect in funny ways. For example, in a search for something simple like moon landing, you first get the following video of the actual moon landing:

But if you continue to click on the recommended videos that pop up in the viewer after the video is over, eventually you get:

I came to the Open Eyes Sneeze Mythbusters clip after only watching 3 videos after the moon landing. 4 degrees of separation between the moon landing and an open-eyed sneeze? It’s a video web on the virtual web. . .

5. Okay, so accepting that sometimes videos are linked in strange ways, it is not unusual to get some strange recommendations.

6. So here is where your super-sleuthing skills are important. Vital, really. You must now find how your “favorite” videos could possibly be related to the videos recommended. I will give you an example of one of my pairings and perhaps you can see if you can find a link.

A favorite video of mine:

Yeah, a puking kitty. Really?

So, if you hacked my YouTube, stop searching kitties. Search cool stuff. Like stop motion music videos and the Make Art series. Or maybe something I haven’t thought of. But not puking cats or romantic wedding proposals or animated nursery rhymes.


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