Instead of Whip, Can I Get a Shot of Human Connection?

Warning– this is about a 7.9 (on a scale from 1-10) on the warm-fuzzy scale.

The setting: One lovely Caribou Coffee shop in a somewhat busy shopping area near one of Minneapolis’s most beautiful and popular lakes, about 8:30 am. A very smart, talented, and friendly barista (who is also very modest) whippin’ up lattes left and right.

A doctor walks in wearing his scrubs for the day and orders a large skim, no-whip mocha. As he is patiently waiting for his drink and checking his Blackberry, a regular customer (We’ll call him Joe) walks up to him from the leather couch by the fireplace and asks, “Are you Dr. [Last name]?” Extremely surprised and taken aback, the man in the scrubs replies “Yes. . . ?”

Joe explains that Dr. No-Whip Mocha performed emergency surgery on his son’s lower leg after a horrible skateboarding accident about 2 years ago and because of Dr. Mocha, J0e’s son is doing very well and is starting college as a freshman this fall. They chat back and forth a bit, and as Dr. Mocha is headed out the door, Joe says “I just wanted to take the chance to say thank you, really.”

Bringing people together, one mocha at a time. It’s what I do.


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