Why I Believe “Turtleneck” May Be an Appropriate Swimwear Neckline and Other Thinky Thoughts on a Tuesday

I wore sunscreen, dammit. SPF 50 and I didn’t get in the water for 30 minutes after application and I reapplied. Practically textbook. And I’m “Public Health” so I should know better than to get burnt.


But, clearly, do not.

And so it is today that I advocate for the popularization of a turtleneck swimsuit. Because the current trend of plunging necklines in fashionable outdoor beach wear may be cute, but it lends itself to some painful painful burning. And sun blisters where no sun blister should ever go. Of course, then I am reading a magazine today that has an article all about skin cancer and I panicked (I have experienced 3 of the 7 high risk factors). I wanted to make an appointment to get every bump, mole, freckle, sun spot, and scar examined thoroughly. But I was taken back to this episode, and decided against it, for everyone’s sanity.*

As promised, other thoughts I had today:

– There are thousands of whack-o inventions out there (the Snuggie, anyone?), but no one came up with a material to make steering wheels that don’t reach temperatures of 300 degrees in the sun?!

– People seem to be nicer on Tuesdays and Fridays than any other day of the week.

– Stick in the eye < Ceiling fan. I am happy to be on the winning end of that equation even if I am on the losing end of ceiling fan < central air.

– It is easy to eat incredibly healthy and incredibly unhealthy in the summer. Too many goodies at the ends of the spectrum.

I am sure I thought more thinks, none of it necessarily more or less interesting than what I have shared already. Investigating cost and potential location for a children’s pool for myself to laze in like a tiger at the zoo in my afternoons. Will update, although I feel I will eventually find the lake more crowded but easier and freer and thus a better deal overall.

* Uh, lesson learned in Googling medical stuff. If you image search skin cancer. . . man. . . that is some nasty stuff. Thanks, but no thanks.


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