23 Things Learned in 23 Years

I survived 23 years. At first I was thinking there should be some sort of award for this, and then realized there is: starting year 24. In honor of my birthday, I thought I would share with you 23 important lessons that I have learned so far in my 23 humble years.

1. Life isn’t fair, and that’s okay. It’s still good.

2. You will never make friends with an animal by pulling its tail. However, dressing it in doll clothes and strapping it into a stroller has slightly positive, albeit mixed, results.

3. Siblings often turn out to be best friends that just happen to have the same parents.

4. There are countless opportunities to express yourself creatively. Find the one that fits your space, your budget, and your talents.

5. Healthy confidence will absolutely sky-rocket when you learn to be proud of the things you have worked hard for. Never be afraid to admit that you are proud of your major (or minor) accomplishments.

6. There is an ice cream flavor that is appropriate for any mood or situation.

7. It’s never shameful to love your body exactly as it is, even if that’s not what pop culture has told you.

8. There is not even enough time to put everything we want into our healthy, positive relationships. NEVER waste time on friends/lovers/co-workers who are toxic.

9. You will be happier not knowing what other people are thinking about you.

10. If we all threw our problems in a pile and saw everyone else’s, you’d grab yours back.

11. No matter the situation, or how confident you already are, putting on a dress makes you feel pretty.

12. Just because it’s free, does not mean you have to have it.

13. Sometimes bad things happen to good people. The truly steadfast stay good people after bad things happen.

14. At some point, you will be the root of someone’s pain. When you recognize, own it.

15. Label and date your leftovers.

16. Never be embarrassed by your hobbies or things that make you happy.

17. Not everyone is going to love you. Some will not love you more politely than others.

18. You were handed one of the best life resources at birth: your parents. Use them wisely.

19. Follow the care instructions on articles of clothing you like.

20. Have opinions and share them with an open mind and ears.

21. Most people do not want to hurt or harm you, and do so only to cover their own hurt, or completely on accident. Think of that before hurt feelings and anger turn in to action.

22. Don’t spend more time wanting than doing.

23. Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must. But always move forward.


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