I Always Used to Think It Was Weird When People Loaded Several Updates in One Day

Barring special circumstances, such as multiple entries following an event that requires consistent updating (soccer matches, elections, etc.) or traveling in a manner in which Internet availability is limited, I used to think it was SUPER bizarre when people posted more than one blog update. But, I have had several ideas floating around the head lately but had not posted them. However, they really don’t lend themselves to being one post. Which you will have already discovered by the time you get to this post because it will end up below the others for today and you probably will have thought “What on earth was she doing updating 600 times today? These don’t even make sense.”

Sorry, with a little more forethought I would have posted an explanation last, inevitably making it first for you. You know what, it’s not your blog, all right? We will play by Mugwump rules, which I am pretty sure you all have been privy to at one point or another. Please do not get together and compare rules. . . you will only confuse the system. Just remember that fair does not always mean same. Especially if we’ve dated.

So, I will start with a generic update (and you will end with it– them’s the rules).

Uptown Art Fair was this weekend and that always brings about the most interesting thoughts and feelings in me:

  • It is super exciting to be in the presence of great talent.
  • What is THAT?!
  • How do people get started in some of the more wacky visual arts? For instance, when I see an empty soup can, sometimes I see a makeshift planter for baby spider plants, or I see a cup for lost buttons. I never think, “Hey this would be a cool sculpture if I welded some forks, a pair of pliers, and a few metal springs too it. Then I will make faces on it out of the faces on playing cards. And then mount it to a fabric-covered piece of plywood, which I will decoratively accent with paint.” The thought didn’t even cross my mind after seeing this kind of art. I got home and said, “Hey, a soup can.”
  • Related to the last thought, looking at how talented and creative people are makes me feel a little like Ugg. Me like red and yellow. Katie paint pretty. I am not so foolish, and I know it isn’t really like that, but it does humble me and remind me that I am still a novice and have lots to learn.
  • Um, sometimes I can recognize that I am more talented than someone else (at art, not in general). Not going to lie, this gives me a warm fuzzy.
  • Creating and buying art is expensive.
  • I need to go home and paint. There are OODLES of goody-gumdrop ideas floating around in my brains. I will probably try combining them all in one piece and go mad.
    Let us not forget that all the greats were a little loopy.

In other weekend news, I went home on Friday night to see the family and visit with my Grandpa Jim, who was in town from Corpus Christi, Texas. It was nice to hang out with the family and eat a delicious meal.

I just attempted to add photos, but Blogger didn’t love that. If I wasn’t posting many things today, I might futz with it more. But not right now. I will add them later. Or never. I don’t know yet.


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