Being a Geek Pays Off Finally!

Let’s get the exciting part out of the way, so the rest of the reading is, frankly, anticlimactic. Apologies. I am just not good at that suspense stuff.

Modern Mugwump is now Miss Modern American Red Cross Intern Mugwump, thank you very much. That is right, ladies and gentlemen, patience and geekdom has finally paid off and I am the new Marketing and Communications Intern at the American Red Cross-Twin Cities.

The happy dance was so frantic and long that I was sweaty. To the point of needing another shower. Although, the lack of A/C in the apartment may have something to do with that too.

It’s kind of late right now, and I have had a long exciting day (interview and get dream job, although its not paid, and then close at paid job that is definitely NOT my dream job) so I probably won’t make this as good of a story as it could be, but basically the woman that interviewed me said she could tell I was a geek about emergency preparedness when she read my resume and the interview apparently confirmed it, and I was hired.

And you know what, I am not the least bit offended about being called a geek for a few reasons:
1) Geeks research before an interview and know the ins and outs of an organization better than the organization’s own employees.
2) Geeks already have ideas to move the organization forward and present those in the interview.
3) Geeks get the job.
4) Geeks won’t go without the lovely and delicious Tortilla Soup in the case of an emergency because we secretly stockpile.

And, to be honest (as I always am). . . I would have probably laid down and died for this position if that’s what it would have taken. Although I don’t know that I would have been much of an asset then.


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