Just an Experience Worth Sharing

I know. . . I am behind on photos. And on posting a bit for that matter. In all truthfulness, though, you have really missed very little. I eat, sleep, run, work, do homework, laze away with morning coffee or happy hours.

Today, though, I had an experience I thought was worth sharing briefly:

IcyHot. “Icy to dull the pain, hot to relax it away.” That’s bunk. Totally bogus. I used it after a run today for, I think, the first time in my life. My leg was all twisted, tight, and all kinds of uncomfortable and I thought “Wow, this would be good. I would like my pain to first be dulled, and then relaxed away. Sounds lovely.”

Slather slather slather. And then it goes something like this:

Yup. It gets icy, and not uncomfortably so. It’s just as one would expect. And it does indeed dull the pain. Kudos, IcyHot, so far that’s a point in your column. Lovin’ this.

And now comes the relaxing part, right? It’s getting warmer. . . wow, that feels excellent. . . it really is relaxing away the pain. Mmm.

Wait, it’s still getting hotter. It’ll stop soon, right? It has to, the pain is thoroughly relaxed.

Okay, this is too hot. TOO HOT. I will just wash it off.

Hahaha, this is not ON the warning label: if you try to wash lava-temperatured IcyHot off your body, it instantaneously becomes the temperature of one’s freezer, sending your skin through some sort of a schizophrenic hell as it tries to decide if it should be Icy and Dull, Hot and Relaxing, or perhaps should just all slough off and you could start again.

Now, no worries, my skin didn’t slough off, although I thought about peeling it off at some point, and in the end, an hour later, I am fine.

IcyHot: Icy to dull the pain, hot to make you realize you didn’t even know what pain was until you opened the bottle.


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