Ragnar: By the Numbers

This past Friday/Saturday I ran as a member of the Made in the 80’s relay team for the Ragnar Great River Relay. What a rush! I can’t even really describe how amazing it was in type, so if you want to hear the stories you may just have to call and/or take me out for a drink sometime and I can tell you about men in pink spandex, car alarms, hills, Ragnar 911, sunset and sunrise running, and some of the tiny towns we were in. But, as an overview at least, I present with with Ragnar Great River Relay, By the Numbers, 2009. Enjoy!

12: Number of people on my team.

1: Of my teammates that was male (Thanks, Steve!).

195: Miles to run between Winona, MN, and Minneapolis, MN following the river on the Wisconsin side and crossing over into Stillwater.

33: Hours to complete the race.

2: Hours of uninterrupted sleep I got in those 33 hours.

13.9: My total mileage for the weekend.

4: Loaves of bread Van 2 (my van) consumed.

3: Pairs of socks I muddied and bloodied.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say, or maybe I am still just too tired to say it. Plus, it’s kind of complicated and confusing I guess. Perhaps, later I will post a “frequently asked questions” entry about it. But I think I need to nap again. Oy, the muscles, they are hurtin’.


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