Ragnar Update

Results of the Ragnar Relay were posted today and the team said a collective “What?! How did that happen?!” because we did not finish last. we came in 3rd to last (214 out of 216) but not last. And granted, it was all about finishing and none of us would have been surprised or had hurt feelings if it had been last, it’s kind of nice not to be last. We averaged 10:12 miles– not too shabby for first-timers.

I don’t know if I would do Ragnar again. I would like to, but it is a lot of work to organize a team and its a pretty serious time and financial commitment. We’ll see.

New running goal: finish the Monster Dash 5K sub-30 minutes. So far my best 5K time is 32 minutes, so I feel that this is TOTALLY doable. Training starts. . . well, not today.


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