I have some beautifully insightful friends, who help me discover myself truly. It is through conversations with these young people that I have realized, and later accepted, that I am an individual of contradictions who lives at the polars, at the extreme of almost everything. I am either abrasively outgoing and chatty or blending in to wallpaper. I am brutally over-confident or painfully insecure.

You are probably wondering what this has to do with a photo of the day, as this is a numbered entry. Patience, Padawan.

Steep Thoughts
August 31, 2009

Punchline: As someone who typically thrives in socializing, the only unforced* conversation I had today was with this delicious cup of mango tea after work tonight**. It was a beautiful day of silence.

*I did have to work, and it is ultra-rude to ignore co-workers and customers. “Forced” may not be the right word– it did not pain me to talk to these people. In fact, we had some nice chats. Further, I also enjoyed a quick chat on the phone with my sister from Chicago, in which I reminded her that she is perfect. Regardless of her surroundings, belongings, social environment, or geographical location– perfect. In my ideal world, she would read this quickly in the morning, in case she has already forgotten.

**Uh, yeah, I did actually talk to it. Don’t be surprised, you know you’re not. Look at all the ridiculous things I do.

EDIT: I am beyond peeved that I decided to write a novel and so this got date-stamped for tomorrow, which is now today. But I took this photo AND wrote the entry today, which is now yesterday. The measurement of time passing can be such a bitch in so many ways. Bollocks (and pardon my french).


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