It’s Under There

I hope you said “Underwear.”

So, I don’t usually post in such rapid back-to-back succession, right? Right. Unless it’s photos. And this is not.

I was just doing a quick “View in Blog” glance of my last post, which you should still scroll down and read, because it’s new. And I thought, Wow Katie. Very insightful for late in the night. This was a fairly deep post. Kudos.

Well, as you saw from the last post, I recently discovered the bottom of my favorite large green mug by drinking its entire contents of tea, and rather quickly. One thing led to another, and, well. . . we all know how biology works, I’ll spare the details. . .

In the bathroom I realized I have had my underwear on backwards all day. All day. Many thoughts ran through my head:

Wow, the let me drive and vote, but never verified I could dress myself.

I bet all great thinkers had difficulty with undies.

At least no one could tell.

But my favorite had to be:

I should put these back on the right way. (Thinks about it) Nah, they’ve been like this all day, it’s almost time to go to bed. I’ll ride September in with backwards panties. Not everyone can say that.

And then I literally laughed so hard I did that thing where your face is laughing and your whole body is wiggling and jiggling but you can no longer produce the sound to laugh so you just release these short puffs of “funny air.” I seriously got a kick out of myself.


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