Day 45: September 22, 2009

September 22, 2009

The Red Cross. I. Love. It. Love love love. Even Monday, I did “intern” things like sort papers into little piles, which I have a sinking suspicion is going to eventually lead to some data entry. And guess what? I would data enter ALL day for the Red Cross if they let me. I get to wear nice clothes, be with interesting, dynamic people who are all passionate about this awesome organization. I am a small cog in an international machine of good deeds and I am determined for my cog to get noticed for positive things and turn the cogs around me just a little bit better.


One thought on “45/365”

  1. It's a whole new month… over a week since you posted. Where is the update on your busy life? 🙂 Just giving you a hard time. I know you have been very busy the past week.

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