Two Glasses of Wine, A Bubble Bath and a Blinking Cursor? This Could Be Dangerous.

Impossible Things I Have Thought This Week:

1. I wonder if I could just stay up all night, not to study, but to get some time to just chill?
2. I think I will run the lake twice this morning.
3. It is easy to turn down an invite to Chipotle with a super great friend.
4. It won’t take that long to clean my room.
5. A bowl full of Tootsie Rolls isn’t really tempting.
6. I could live in Seattle.*
7. If I eat a HUGE meal in the morning, it will last me all day and I won’t have to pack a lunch.**
8. If I just drink two (or so) glasses of wine and take an hour long bubble bath, I will come out rejuvenated and motivated to get things accomplished in the rest of my evening.
*Five straight days of rain and no sunlight has made me a very gloomy person. At first I was going to blame the bad mood on a whole host of other things (school is busy, work stinks, I am disorganized. . . yada yada yada). But as soon as the sun came out today, and all else held true, I felt better. Which is actually good. I would rather know that I wasn’t going to be stuck in a bad mood on a beautiful day.
** Eating a huge morning meal accomplishes one thing, and only one thing: and uncomfortable tummy on the bus ride to school, a sleepy first class, and insatiable hunger around 11 am. Epic fail in digestive management on my part.

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