19 Photos = Up-to-date

Honestly, not all from each respective day that I have missed, but I will try to give you 19 new photos (including what was meant to be Moose Week*). This project has given me a whole new respect for people who can do something everyday**.

Moose Week

The Last Days of The Chaco

It Rains Every Day

Bills and Paperwork. Paperwork and Bills.

Leaky Pillow

You’re Not In Fargo Anymore

“I’m Not Available Right Now”

Thomas: Toe Hunter

Green Acres At Twilight

Sunday Afternoon Spirituals

* You know, like Discovery Channel’s Shark Week? Which is the most awesome week of television ever. Ever. And don’t even pretend Space Week comes close.

** Except the basics. You do not wow or impress me if you brush your teeth everyday.

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