Day 65: Monday, October 12, 2009

WHOA! Only 300 more to go. . . seeing as how the last 65 went sooooo smoothly and seamless, the next 300 should be cake.

The Sky Was So Busy Making Snow Fall, It Forgot to Make the Sun Rise
Monday, October 12, 2oo9
The best thing about this photo: the snow has a way of making everything seem uniform, and peaceful. Regardless of what it going on in the natural world, the snowfall blankets everything in a stark white sameness.
High maintenance house cats do not fall within any sort of natural order. So while all this peaceful calm was going on in my camera lens, near my feet was one peeved kitty, moving her paws about a thousand miles an hour in and out of the shallow, but damp snow cover, trying to figure out how she could reach her puma-esque goals of living the outdoor house cat life without getting her “pwecious pwetty toesies wet and cowd.” Hilarious. Although, she later showed me who would get the last laugh as she covered the entire heat register in the room I was in with her body, in which case the furnace pumps heat directly into the belly of the beast (quite literally) but not anywhere near my own pwecious pwetty toesies.

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