Mugwump Mathematics

If you visit between the time I errantly posted only the title of this post and the time I actually post it– sorry. Sometimes keyboard shortcuts are our best friends. Sometimes they are our worst enemy.

Before I get to my actual post, which I have spent much time thinking of, there are some other goodies to share. Consider this like the Breaking News that interrupts your favorite TV show (god, I hate that).

Goody #1: I cleaned my bathroom today. It smells like dead germs. I love that.

Goody #2: When I got to (unpaid) work today, there was a raspberry brownie on my desk with a note from The Bosses that says: “To Katie (aka Our Rockstar Intern), Thanks for Everything You Do!”

Goody #3/Baddy #1: The good– yesterday was Taco Tuesday, and this morning I had tacos for breakfast. It was love. The bad– I used a non-meat meat substitute (I should have known– it’s called ‘veggie protien’). Flavor-wise, not terrible. Texture-wise- meh. I will go back to the ground turkey, thanks.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled blog: Mugwump Mathematics

adequate breakfast > 1 piece of PB toast + 1 cup of gross coffee

2 people + 1 personal bubble = 1 Mugwump thinking “FREEDOM!” when the bus doors open

3 roommates + 2 hours of good TV + homemade pizza > finishing a paper that isn’t due until next week

2 hours + 1 monotone speaker who loves the sound of his own voice + 7 Facebook updates = What slide are we on? What are we talking about?

1 Mugwump + 3 cups of coffee = Let’s just call bathroom stall 1 my new office

17 minutes/2 miles > my lung capacity. I wheezed for like an hour straight after I stopped moving. Out. Of. Shape.

16 emails/6 hours = still didn’t get the one I need. Guh.

1 Mugwump + 2 Minneapolis paintings + 2 offers to buy = making a “living*” doing what you love

1 dark room + 1 boring class = two extremely heavy eyelids

Well, I am not very math-minded, so I think that’s all I got for tonight. Someday I may post pictures again. In fact, I probably will. And despite the mega-breaks between posting of the pictures, it won’t make future photos any less trivial. Happy Middle of the Week! It’s all gravy from here!

* Aaaaahahaha, hahaha, haaah, whew. A living?! Right . . . let’s face it though. Makin’ mochas didn’t make me a living or make me happy. At least painting is 1 for 2.


3 thoughts on “Mugwump Mathematics”

  1. UGH! Blogger keeps reporting an error for that first math equation– it things I am typing in HTML code. Um, Blogger, do you know who you are talking to?! I can't even match my clothes!it is supposed to say the coffee and toast is less than an adequate breakfast. I already tried to fix it twice, okay?! If you don't read the comments, you will think I am an idiot. Let's just pretend this comment is one of those "easter egg" things all the smarties put in their website. i.e. I MEANT to make the first equation a total screw up just so some of you would look here and be cooler than everyone else. And you are cooler. I said so.

  2. Aaaah!! I fixed it!! Now that first comment won't really make sense to any of you. That's okay. I think it's funny– I am smarter than The Google today. Lovin' that.

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