Nerd Alert in 3. . . 2. . . 1. . . BAM!

Despite the whining or crying you have probably heard me doing in the last week about data analysis, vaccine efficacy, or policy papers, I truly love the field of Public Health, and there are so many reasons to love it. But one of my all time favorite features is Public Health’s unhealthy obsession with flowcharts, which mirrors my unhealthy obsession. While I have never historically struggled with learning, I am definitely a visual learner, and if there is an organization or system even better. If it is tangible I will learn it for life.*

So today, I was looking at writing a report and I could waste 4 pages and hours of my time typing, editing, rewording, adding and subtracting OR I could make a chart. I refuse to work harder, always work smarter– chart it is. Now, on the old, dead thousand dollar paper-weight of a computer, I had a program that made it fairly easy to create flowcharts. Add shapes, add arrows, type some text, and voila! Fast forward to the infamous 2009 crashing of one grad school Dell, resulting in the bullet train that is my current computer (zoom zoom, my friends, this baby is awesome). Except, no flowchart creator. Hmmm, very interesting.

(Digging around the bullet train for a half hour or so)
And then I discovered it. Word 2007 has a chart creator. But this isn’t just flowcharts, it is a SMÖRGÅSBORD** of goodies. There’s arrows and matrices and relation webs and all kinds of beautiful. And of course, my first instinct was to create some stuff! And then share it with you! And it was funny stuff!
But guess what? I couldn’t figure out how to get them from Word to here. I know, lameskis right? And I am sure there is a way, but the longer I try to figure it out, the less actual work I am getting done. So instead, I will share with you some of my favorite flowcharts I have stumbled across on the web in the last few years since I started collecting them.***

Okay, dudes and dudettes: I had posted a bunch of funny flowcharts here, but they didn’t fit in the given width of the blog space. Even though the preview showed them perfectly. I don’t know what happened. Clearly today, technology wins. I do not have the mental prowess left required to fight with Blogger. I will try to fix it or update something better later. But I figured since I had to struggle like mad-crazy with this, you will have to read a blog entry so sub-par it’s killin’ Tiger Woods.

Thanks, loves. Have a good Wednesday night. The roommate is making us all dinner! Do you think she and I can realistically live together for life?!

* This is why I blazed through anatomy lab in undergrad, but had to bust my butt to secure a B in lecture. Talk to me about muscles for 3 weeks, I give it 50/50. Let me shock the gizzards out of an animal muscle or put my fingers in a fresh, not preserved brain? I. Get. It.
** That’s how Google told me to spell it. . . I don’t know, but I never question The Google.
*** Do not doubt! They are saved in my Google Notebook. Seriously. I love flowcharts.

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