Letters to Santa

There is nothing more magical than kids who believe.  I am winding down a fairly stressful day with children’s letters to Santa.  Enjoy!

“Dear Santa,
I have been trying to be good this year, but boys will be boys. You must know that by now.”
– Henry, 8

“Dear Santa,
You are very good at being quiet on Christmas Eve, but I know you are there.”
– Edwina, 8

“Dear Santa,
Mom and Dad said I have to wait until I am nine before they will buy me a new bike.  But I don’t want to wait so long so I am really counting on you this year.”
– Charlie, 7

“Dear Santa,
I heard you in my house this morning.  Two times!  I hope that means you brought some extra stuff!”
Candice, 9

“Dear Santa,
You know how I know you love me?  You waved at me in the mall today, even though I didn’t sit on your lap.  Please be safe on Christmas so we can see you again next year!”
-Meghan, 6

“Dear Santa,
Last year I asked for a puppy and toys.  I got lots of toys and turtlenecks.  My neck is warm.  Can I get that puppy this year?”
-Zachary, 9

“Dear Santa,
All I need this year is $111.  Thanks!”
– Ryan, 7

“Dear Santa,
Can you tell me if I am on the nice or notty list?  I want to know what’s comen.”
– Alex, 8

“Dear Santa,
If you bring a bown arrow, I promise not to use it in the house or point it at anyone.”
– Mark, 9

“Dear Santa,
I moved since last Christmas.  Please don’t forget to look up my new address.”
– Alexis, 7

“Dear Santa,
I would like some new crayons.  Of different colors.”
– Morgan, 5

“Dear Santa,
I know I haven’t been good ALL year, but I was good when it counted.”
– Grayson, 7

“Dear Santa,
Please bring some toys and treats for the dog.  He has been very good this year.”
– Michaela, 6

“Dear Santa,
For Christmas I want an internship at the Department of Human Services, several consecutive nights of sleep uninterrupted by panicky nightmares about papers and exams, and some socks.  I will be at the same house that I have been at for Christmas for the last 12 years, so I shouldn’t be hard to find.  I won’t be leaving you cookies this year, as I will probably have eaten all of them and you really should be balancing your round-the-world diet anyhow.  Please consider using antibacterial hand soap/wipes on your trip this year; I can’t help but think you would be an excellent vehicle for infectious agents.  Safe travels!”
– Katie, 23


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