The Requisite New Year Post in Which All Old Things are Redocumented and New Things Dreamed Up

Every blogger does it.  And I shall ride the blogging wave by detailing what happened in 2009 and what is coming in 2010.  Think of it as Modern Mugwump Cliff’s Notes if you haven’t been reading that closely for the last 12 months.

2009 was the year I:
Started a blog, got a job (and quit the same job), made some art, started (and later quit) a 365 day photo project, vacationed in the hippiest and most fantastic place I have been to in recent history, tested physical boundaries by running my first Buffalo Triathlon and the 200 mile Great River Ragnar Relay, tested mental boundaries with summer classes, semester projects, and the most grueling semester I have survived to date, found out more about myself in three mile intervals around Minneapolis lakes than I thought possible for one summer, turned 23, went to theater/music events twice at the lovely Guthrie, visited the Walker on dozens of occasions, loved every minute of the Uptown Art Fair (also twice), asked the Minneapolis Fire Department to steal my bike only so an actual thug could steal it two weeks later, was in my college roommate’s wedding, asked to be in my college best friend’s wedding next summer, bought an awesome new-to-me bike, landed a gig as a wedding photographer, bought custom Nike running shoes, landed an internship I loved for an organization I support, made my best Halloween costume to date, surprised myself and a handful of professors with my ability to work under pressure, still suffered a few academia-induced meltdowns, said goodbye to a beloved pet for the second year in a row, made some friends, made some laughs, moved to a new apartment in Uptown I adore (with excellent roommates), and tried to squeeze the marrow out of each day that floated past– with mixed results but an overall feeling of success.

What will 2010 hold?  There are a few things I know for almost sure:
Graduate, get a big-kid job, run the Buffalo Triathlon, run the Muddy Buddy race with Kim, continue to make art, continue to consider the three mile loop around Lake of the Isles “mine,” turn 24 on my golden birthday!*, face challenges I can probably not even dream of but I feel confident that I can overcome.

Hopes for 2010:
I don’t really know, actually.  I hope that I can be injury-free and successful in my races, that school provides me enough challenge to know that I have earned the degree but not so much that I run fleeing from the University, that my relationships with family and friends stay strong, that something I do (large or small) makes someone happier or relieved for even a moment, that I continue to surprise myself by trying new things and taking calculated, but exhilarating risks.

Resolutions?  Meh, not really, but if I think about “starting over” in the New Year, there are a few things I would like to try, like: better organization and time management, better/more meaningful communication with friends, and learning to cook awesome food (think more Asian inspired dishes, learning to cook fresh fish, and maybe even an attempt at sushi).  I guess I would like to expand my “life learning” in general after 18 solid years of dedicating myself almost solely to academic learning.  We’ll see what happens.

Happy New Year to all of you– thank you for logging in for the last year!  I enjoy this blogging project a lot more than I thought I would, so you can probably count on me sticking around for at least another year.  And maybe I will even post another picture or two.  Maybe– a little Mugwump Cliff’s (Notes) Hanger.**

*About 6 months of shopping time left.  Pool your resources, I want an espresso maker and/or my own island/vineyard/mountain range/other ridiculously extravagant geographical feature.  Or a giraffe.  Or an airplane ticket somewhere awesome.  Or not awesome but with awesome people?  Ah, nevermind, surprise me.

** I hope you got that joke, but it’s okay if you didn’t.  I debated for a solid 6 minutes about its inclusion.  The jury is still out.


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