9.4% of US Adults Hold a Masters Degree

You know why the percentage of US adults holding a Masters degree is so low?  It’s a rough life.  Super rough, in fact.  Just listen to the morning I had, on the first day of classes for the semester no less.  

8:00 am: Alarm goes off.  Snooze.

8:05 am: Ditto.

8:10 am: Ditto.

8:15 am: Ditto.

8:17 am: Roll out of bed, check email.  Nothing important.  Lay back in bed.

8:40 am: Decide to make breakfast.  And not a wimpy Wheaties breakfast, either.  On the menu: fried eggs, toast, fresh mango and freshly brewed Guatemalan Peace Coffee.

8:58 am: Say “Good Morning” to Matt, Meredith, Al, and Ann at the Today Show and watch shamelessly, enjoying perfectly cooked eggs.  The mango is especially sweet today.  Mmmm!

9:30 am: Take longest, hottest shower known to man.  Scrub behind ears– it is the first day, after all.

9:55 am: Check class schedule, print final document for class.

9:58- present am: Surf Facebook, update Google Calendar, blog, read NY Times online and curse them for entertaining the thought of charging online readers a subscription fee, watch a viral video sent via Facebook Chat, sip coffee, check bus schedule, think about getting dressed.

It’s probably fair to say that only 9.4% of us can truly handle mornings like this.  I mean, it’s not for everyone.

Disclaimer:  I am very well aware that this is about to change.  You could leave rude comments about how I am a selfish, unaware young adult and don’t know what it really means to work.  Which may not be wholly false, but then I expect I will see you at 4 am finishing papers and cramming for exams.  Let me have my day, please.  It has been such a beautiful morning and at 10:39 am, I love that I am still not wearing any pants.  


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