The Rules of the Game: Extended Edition (Now With Bonus Cussing!)

Earlier this week I shared with you a little rant about how horrible Minneapolis is at enforcing their own Snow Emergency parking rules.  If you missed it, the gist is this: snow emergencies are designed to clean the road “curb to curb.”  Thus, cars are not supposed to be parked along a curb line if that side of the street is scheduled to be plowed.  But, at least in our area, Minneapolis has not been ticketing or towing these cars, and instead plows around them, leaving ugly snow and ice barriers and ruts that make it extremely difficult to drive on the street and worse to park.

(Warning, I may drop, but censor the f-bomb in the next section)

But of course, since they failed to actually enforce their own law, which 95% of us follow because we like to have access to good street parking, they have enacted a whole new unholy terror of parking rules.

No parking on the even side of the street from Feb. 11 until April 1.

Why?  Because the streets got too narrow that it is dangerous to drive down them and emergency vehicles cannot pass.  This is valid.  But why did the streets get so narrow?  Because the City of Minneapolis failed to plow curb to fucking* curb when they plowed around cars that violated snow emergency routes.  And who is punished?  The rule followers who dutifully move their car every goddamn night for three days so the plow can zig zag around everyone else.

Boo.  City of Lakes, I am angry with you.

Although… in all fairness, who’s to say they will enforce this rule any better than the last…?  Meh, I am not taking my chances.  To the odd side I go.  And don’t be surprised if I do ANYTHING to wiggle out of driving so as to not give up my primo-supremo non-even parking space.

*That strikethrough is meant to act like those censor bars TV shows put over boobs, but apparently only works as well as tying floss around a lady’s chest.  Meh, I tried.


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