The Best Thing to Happen to Air Travel

If you were thinking the ability to purchase an exit row seat for a nominal fee, given you are comfortable shuffling people down the giant yellow slide in case of an emergency that is less likely to happen than you getting struck by lightning while checking your mail… you might be right.
But I was thinking the Sky Mall magazine.  
And this post is brought to you by the following song: 
I may have gotten a serious eye roll the other night when I broke in to “kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty. . . “
The video made me nostalgic for all the times I have been on an epic flight and entertained myself by making fun of the products in the Sky Mall.  And the funny thing about some of the gadgets is, not only can you kind of understand the purpose and a use for most of them, you know someone who either has or needs that item. But I haven’t flown in a while, and I was feeling a little Sky Mall deprived.  Luckily, they have a website, so Sky Mall can become Couch Mall, or my favorite, Bored-in-Class Mall.  Here is a collection of interesting things I found in my recent foray* into Sky Mall’s website:
The only thing that would make this lovely sculpture classier is if it was 7 feet tall rather than the 2.5 feet it is advertised as.
The Bug Vacuum, because regular vacuums can’t suck up a spider. . . ?

Only in America. . . 

Yes, because I always wanted to wake up, sit at my computer in my underwear and tennis shoes and pump some iron.  

That massage better feel really good, because you look like a doofus. 

I love this.  This is the Nose Aid, designed to stop bloody noses by applying pressure to the outside of the nose.  Maybe I am wrong, but is this not a clothespin with those little felt furniture feet on it?  I think this gadget retails for 12.99.  I can make you 50 of them for the same price.  And then you can go around punching all kinds of people in the face and leave them with a Homemade Nose Aid! 
Nothing says “I’d like to flush $70 down the toilet” like the Richard the Lionhearted Throne Toilet Seat.

This is my absolute favorite.  You can go all Obi-Wan Kenobi on your veggies and just Zap! away all the germs.  This makes healthy eating pretty bad-ass.  
*I didn’t realize what a great word foray was until I Googled it to make sure the spelling was correct.  It means “to ravage in search of spoils.”  And as you can see, some wonderful spoils were certainly found.

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