This Could Be as Successful as Booger Flavored Jellybeans*

This is me, attempting some html coding Houdini-esque trickery to exclude myself from my Google Analytics stats.  Why? you might ask.  Because I visit my stinkin’ blog all the time.  Because sometimes I think I am funny. So I reread my own stuff.  Vanity– it’s an issue I am trying to deal with.  This post is a part of the Google instructions for how to exclude my bad self from tipping the visitors scale.  Well, it’s not all part of the instructions… some of it was of my own free will.  Google doesn’t own me… yet.

*Any Harry Potter fans?  The every-flavor jellybeans?  Interesting in literature, awful in practice.  I mean, from personal experience I will tell you that the fart-flavored jellybean actually tasted like a fart.  And yet, kids bought them.  And ate them.  Myself included (although I feel this is something you only do once).  On the other hand, who can resist the temptation of such mouth watering flavors like: vomit, ear wax, and the ever-funny booger?


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