Spectrum: From Bartender to Knitting Team Co-Captain

Last week’s complete (and totally draining) insomnia has been officially replaced by this weeks elder-adult sleep schedule, in which as the sun sets I think “Hmm, how much more time before I can go to bed and it’s legitimate? 9:30? 8:30?!”

Things that I am pretty sure aren’t causing it because they have stayed constant:
1. Exercising.  I am a pretty regular exerciser- give and take.  And I haven’t upped frequency or intensity too much.
2.  Diet.  Still eating some garbage and some veggies.  It’s about the same.  Maybe a slight dip in caffeine consumption… hmmmm…
3. Length of night time.  In fact, technically it’s shorter what with the days lasting longer and all (GLORIOUS), meaning I might be sleeping less.  I am actually not sleeping any more or less, just earlier.  Instead of 3am-10am, I sleep 11 pm-7am.  Like normal people.  
4.  Idiots in Uptown. I expected our neighborhood to be loud around bar time on the weekends, and Thirsty Thursdays.  But Mondays?  Nothing like a good drunken cat fight in the street, waking you up at 2 am.  They all go about something like this:
Girl 1: Oh my Gahd, Jenna!  Hurry up! Why do you always have to be like this?!
Girl 2 (who we now know is Jenna): Oh my Gahd, Megan! Just let it go!
Girl 1 (who we now know is Megan, right?): You’re such a tramp.
Girl 2: You’re just jeal-ous. (Most words have that horrible “this is one word, but I am going to pronounce it like 2” thing going on, but I notice it happens with jealous a lot.  I think the emphasis is used for extra sting)
Girl 1: Puh-shh! Get your own ride home, you dumb skank. (Yeah, I talk to my friends like that all the time…)
Girl 2, realizing she is about to be left on my street corner: Meeeeeeeh-gan!  Dooooooon’t! It’s so lame to be mad at me for this*! Let’s just go home.
Which is always funny to me because I thought they were on their way home, in which they came to a terribly circular conclusion after whining under my window for 5 minutes.  
That was a terrible digression from my actual story, which is about whether or not, and more importantly when I sleep.  Well, “not” when Megan and Jenna come to the neighborhood.  
Now I am not really sure how to wrap this up, and at a whopping 10:16 pm, it is like decades past my new favorite bedtime, and I can’t think of much more to say.  Lame ending, sorry guys.  At least blogging frequency went back up.  Pretty sure something more enjoyable will unearth itself around these parts in the next few days.  G’night!
*No one, in the history of the world, will know what “this” is.  Not even these lovely ladies.

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