On a Scale of 1 to 10: Wednesday

The scale is 1-10, 1 representing things I didn’t like, 5 representing things I am neutral to, and 10 things I do like.  The variable being measured is today’s events, listed in chronological order (up until 3:10 pm)

3.6: Alarm going off at 7:30.
9.4: Roommate saying “I got bored waiting for my laundry to dry yesterday so I folded yours and brought it up.”
8.2: Coffee and the Today Show.
4.6: Editing a paper.
6.7: Picking out an outfit.
1.0: Getting stung by a wasp that had decided to spend its peaceful morning hanging out in the shirt that I had just put on.  There is really no ripping your own shirt off fast enough when there is a wasp in there.  Needless to say, I have been stung several times in the gut, back, and boobs.  Worst start to day ever.  
5.0: Attempt getting dressed again.  
9.4: See wasp.  Kill wasp.  Curse his trip to waspy hell as I dump his flattened self in the garbage.  
5.0: Bus. 
7.1: Class presentations.  
9.1: My presentation.
10.0: Job offer sitting in voicemail inbox after class.
5.0: Bus. 
10.0: Accepting job.
10.0: Celebrating job news with family and friends.
10.0: Making lunch plans with my most favorite ladies (Mom and Kim) for tomorrow! 
Clearly, I will not be able to maintain a 10.0 for the rest of the night.  Eventually, I do have to do homework.  But, a 10.0 is a 10.0 and I will take it!  

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