Perfect (adj.): My Life

Ha, I wrote that title and then it seemed sort of egotistical.  I am sure you, my dedicated and faithful reader, are SUPER shocked that I said something a little self-centered and highfalutin.  Go way back to like, February 2009 and read about how my confidence and pride can totally suck up my life.  Too bad for you today isn’t one of those days.

I am currently sitting in my GLORIOUS sun porch on a LOVELY sunny Friday afternoon, finishing up the first draft of my thesis.  Now, is it an awesome paper currently?  Nope.  Does it matter right now? Nope.  That’s what revisions are for, and the rainy clouds of critique can come some other day.

And you know what’s ahead? Here’s what:

Tomorrow: I have no idea.  At all.  This has not happened in like 6 years.  Maybe I will lay in bed and (GASP) read for fun!  Whoa.  Whoa.

Sunday: I am riding with Dad to reclaim G’pa Jim from my aunt and cousins, plus get to see the ‘Sconnie* side of the family.

Sunday night: I have made a date with my longest-time best friend (Mom) to watch the Survivor season finale.  My favorites are all out of the running, but I do so love the drama of the show and I think CBS should next do “Survivor: Grad School.”  I think it would be much harder and they could call and consult me for some challenge ideas, like ‘Try to Get in Touch with Your Advisor in the Next Week’ and ‘Creative Ways to Extend an 8 Page Paper to 10 Pages.’

Monday: Well, Monday is the big day.  The end of the end.  The beginning of the end.  The beginning of the beginning.  Monday is entirely ceremonial, in which I squeeze my big round head into a square hat and dress like Harry Potter to receive my fake degree.  But… in a few months time, that is going to be a REAL degree.  Hence, this is the beginning of the end, in a good way.  And the beginning of the beginning.  Because This signifies the end of classes and the near end of my degree.  I am pretty pumped.

*”Sconnies” are people from Wisconsin.  This is probably not a politically correct term, but I also call people from Fargo “Fargonauts,” so it fits my lexicon very well.


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