Office Culture

Update: Love the job still.  Although, I was thinking about it the other day and I’ve never had a job I didn’t at least like a little, and I look back on all my jobs with some fondness.  So, maybe I am just one of those lucky young people that enjoys being productive and being social.  Maybe the weariness of the work world hasn’t yet rubbed off on me.

One thing I am definitely having a hard time adjusting to is Office Culture.  It’s not (really) the social part, I seem to get along with my coworkers really well and the whole department is a lot of fun.  It’s the little things I don’t seem to pick up on.

The following are things I still need to learn:

  • A meeting scheduled at 2:30 will not actually start until 2:40, even when all the attendants are in the office.  
  • The actual meeting won’t start until 2:50 because everyone will talk about their grandchildren, dogs, gardens, or window treatments.  Yeaaaaah.
  • No one comes into the office at 8 am.  No one.  
  • No one stays at the office until 4:30.  No one.  
  • You don’t really have to be accountable for where you are during the day, as long as work gets done.  
  • Outlook Calendar.  That shit is confusing.  Update/Propose a New Time/Tentative/Out of the Office. Gah- where’s the “I don’t wanna” button?

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