Do you have any spare change?

Change [cheynj]; (verb, used with object): to transform or convert

The witch changed the prince into a toad.*

I was going to make a list of things that were bad to change– and then I couldn’t really think of any.  It seemed that even what might be a “bad change” (changing your name) came out of a not-so-bad consequence (getting married).  Some changes we make every day are good- like changing our underoos**.  And sometimes we make changes we didn’t really want to, but they’re not a bad change.  Or the downside is only on one side of the change equation.  For example, I just moved from my Uptown apartment with the most lovely ladies (see image below) to my sister’s new home because I didn’t want to sign a year long lease in any city in which I was not guaranteed a year-long job.  You see, I am sometimes capable of not making foolish decisions.  So this is not a bad change.  I appreciate having a place to live in which I do not feel that I have to sell vital organs to afford, I like hanging out with my sister and her husband, I can tolerate a suburban neighborhood over the urban buzz I am used to***.  But, I do miss ‘my girls.’ Again, reference image below for visual representation of our awesomeness.  

Luckily, I am not someone who is adverse to change, I merely have a longer time than some getting settled in to it.  Interestingly, there are some things I like to change frequently, particularly my aesthetic surroundings.  I love to rearrange stuff, hang new art, mix it up.  Which is why moving should be so pleasant for people like me.  So, I have changed my living environment aesthetics and– here’s the punchline– this whole post is to prepared you for the fact that now my e-environment aesthetics are changing.  So get ready, the blog is about to look different.  Which won’t matter to most of you because you read it via email or some RSS Feed which turns it into boredom right before your eyes by ascribing to it some standard, universal format.  Meh. 

Okay, that is all.  And! I am going to blog more, maybe, I think (I hope).  I certainly mean to, but now I have noticed that you guys aren’t coming back! Probably because there’s nothing to read, so I don’t blame you.  Fixing this by updating the look and considering the topics you might like to here me complain about/wax poetically on the most.  

* I used the second definition of change because the first was the length of a novella and because this is the most superior “use it in a sentence” example I have ever seen.  That witch is always changing them into toads…
**Not doing that everyday?! Start.  Today.  Change ’em twice today to catch yourself up.  
*** Guess what I don’t miss?  Ambulance sirens and screaming drunk girls on the corner at 2:30 am.  Good riddance, you miserable girls with no concept of sleeping neighbors.  

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