By the Numbers: Completing My Masters Degree

6: percent of the US population with a Masters Degree.

0.00000000322: percent of the US population that is me.

19: Years I have spent in formal school.

19: Years I have spent in public schools (woo!).

6: Years I have spent in higher education.

12: Number of times I have moved residences in 6 years of higher ed. This number makes me terribly excited to plant some honest roots in the near future.  Transient living is for the birds.

2: Years spent in graduate school. 

54: Credits completed in graduate school.

4,652: Number of complete and total meltdowns in graduate school– complete with wailing, uncontrollable tears, hyperventilation, assuming the fetal position, throwing of papers and/or flash drives, red-wine self-medication, and desperate phone calls to my mother.  

9: Number of months spent securing IRB approvals, analyzing data, writing, graphing, editing, re-writing, re-graphing, emailing, revising, and presenting my Masters project.

43: Pages in my final project.

38: Slides in my defense presentation.

45: Minutes in my defense presentation.

5: Minutes spent by my committee ‘deliberating.’

0: Number of revisions to make to my project before final submission to the School of Public Health.

17: Number of people I mass-texted this message to on Tuesday, October 19, 2010: PASSED.

0: Experiences like finally earning your Masters of Public Health. 

I definitely put the MPH in triumph this time.


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