You Can Find Me on the Treadmill

So, there are lots of great things about being a real graduate: no more classes, no more late night term paper sagas, no more stressing over exams, no more no more no more…. No more things to do in the evenings?  No more thesis clogging my every thought and spare moment?  

Oh. My. God.  

Now what?!  

Well, a 10K, of course.  I have all this time in the evenings, and other than the occasional social engagement, the brief errands here and there, I have too much time to be idle.  So much so that it is uncomfortable– I can’t sit still, I don’t sleep after a night of doing nothing; it’s awful, really.  But, I recently have also bought a gym membership and I have to go 12 times a month to get a pretty good discount from my health insurance provider. What do you get when you combine free time and a gym membership and a need for a good challenge?  10K training.  

[Gosh, sorry.  I didn’t notice the photo didn’t show.  You probably didn’t either actually.  Will attempt to fix…maybe]

First saw an awesome training plan in a friend’s copy of Fitness magazine and unearthed a copy from their website.  It’s funny because it is sort of arranged how I do my weekly training anyway: interval runs and swimming or biking for my cross-training, and I try to do my longer runs on weekends because I have more time.  I think this training program and I might get along perfectly well– as long as I can stick to it.  Fingers crossed! 


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