Let’s Get Literary

I made an update, but forgot to update you about the update. 

Stop chasing that sentence like a tail-chasing pup and come back to me, here. 

You know why you didn’t know it was an update?  Because it wasn’t an actual post, like this update on the update is.  You’re asking how that is possible and I am answering.

I added a… page! (Gasps can be heard spreading through the reading crowd like wildfire*)

So, for the first time (and possibly the last) in the history of Misadventures of a Modern Mugwump, I am going to allow you to let your eyes wander over to the right side of the page and find the new toolbar labeled “Pages.”  And under that you will see a link to Home (that’s where you are now; welcome to my e-Home!) and to a new addition: 100 Reads.  I won’t describe it here, because it is described there, so click on over and enjoy!

* First Mom gasped on the couch, and then Dad in the easy chair.  And the dog “harumphed” and it was counted as a gasp because this blogger will take all she can get. 


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