Reverb 10.5: Let Go.

December 5– Let Go.  What (or whom) have you let go this year? Why?

Please (Resist the Temptation to) Take A Number.  Finish high school and go to college (take a number).  Finish college and enroll in graduate school (take a number).  Draw out completion of Masters project past graduation date (take a number).  Work a post-grad internship (take a number).  Move in to your sister’s basement spare bedroom (take a number).  And then wait.  
For a long time I kept saying, to myself and to others, “You know. . . when my ‘real life’ starts.”  
Because I had decided (and then was trying to convince myself) that because I wasn’t exactly where I thought I would be in life at 18 (or 20 or 21 or 23 or 24) years old, that things would change when I actually started ‘real life.’  
This year, I emptied all the paper tabs out of my pockets, dug them out from between the few (but adequate) bills in my wallet, threw them into the air like Times Square New Year’s confetti, and I got the heck out of line.  
I have let go of waiting for my ‘real life’ to start.  Mostly because it was a stupid idea to wait in the first place.  
Knock knock, puddin’ head, this is your real life and while you wait for things to get perfect/cookie-cutter/easy/pretty/sugar-coated/ideal, life is marching right along.  Without you. 

My real life is not my dream job, but it is a really good job where I work with people who care about me professionally and personally and are investing as much into my continuing education and training as I am.
My real life is a little stress about finances, second guessing purchases, sometimes splurging, but lots of effort saving.  
My real life is making mistakes in relationships, learning when to let friendships go after they have turned sour or simply faded, and knowing when to hold tightly to those who are simply irreplaceable.
My real life is not foolishly waiting for things to change, (naively) assuming that change will only be positive. 
My real life is happening.  And I am not standing in line for another minute.  

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