Reverb 10.9: Party.

December 9– Party.  What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010?  Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Oooh! I do so love a good party!

2010 has been kind of a fete-filled year and with so much cause for celebration. It’s certainly hard to pick a favorite: I loved celebrating a close friend’s wedding to a man who adores her in one of the most beautiful and elaborate weddings I have ever seen. I loved eating dinner with my family at my favorite Dinkytown haunt, the Loring Pasta Bar, after graduation. I loved the intimacy of sharing a glass of wine with my high school best friend after I defended my Masters in October. She has now been through 4 of my graduations (if you count Masters defense as it’s own– which I think it deserves). I loved being able to wish someone well as they took a great step forward on their journey, even if I hated the goodbye. I loved the raucousness and craziness of New Years, bachelorette parties, and birthdays. I loved the hangovers less.

I love the clinking glass of a good “Cheers!”, whether it is between myself and one other person or a roomful of friends and strangers alike. There is simply so much worth celebrating.

In 2010 I celebrated my Golden Birthday and that, for me, was the best fete of the year. I bought myself a new black dress with gold detailing around the neckline and down the front of dress. I bedazzled my fingers and toes with a nail polish aptly named “Gilty Pleasure.” I made reservations for dinner for 20 at my favorite Uptown haunt, Stella’s Fish Cafe and we had a delicious dinner appetizers, seafoods, and soups. I blew out the candles on a Transformers-themed DQ ice cream cake and carried the figurines in my faux-snake skin purse for the rest of the evening. The night was not terribly wild and crazy; it was just some of my closest friends visiting my favorite bars in the neighborhood I had grown to love in the previous 14 months and would be leaving (heavy-hearted) the following afternoon. I had my first booze-infused milkshake and sipped on a Minnesota Nice. I inhaled a beautiful summer view of Minneapolis from the buzzing rooftop bars. It was entirely blissful.

I had a lot going on at that time. I was still working feverishly to finish my Masters project while trying to be a model employee in my internship and look for full time, permanent work. I was moving away from the women and the neighborhood I adored because it was the right and responsible financial decision. But for that night, all I had to worry about was relishing that I had survived another year, I had good friends that loved me, and whether or not my glass was full.

It was so fun, in fact, I am thinking about having a birthday again next year.


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