Reverb 10.19: Healing.

December 19– Healing.  What healed you this year?  Was it sudden, or a drip-by-drip evolution?  How would you liked to be healed in 2011?

I am assuming the author of this prompt is looking for something a little deeper, and a little more spiritual than “Three Buck Chuck.  The Merlot, please.”

Okay, just let me put this glass down and get to thinking and a-ticka-typing.

Laughter.  Laughing in celebration.  Laughing in disbelief.  Laughing so hard I cried and crying so hard I laughed.  Making friends and family laugh.  Laughing at home, laughing at work, and sending a hearty ‘LOL’ in response to a well-told joke sent many miles via text.  Sometimes it’s a sudden outburst of laughter that makes you spit your coffee across the table and sometimes it’s a story that starts a tickle in your toes and rolls in to a giant belly laugh that just won’t subside.

I guess I could look for something else to heal myself with next year– maybe I could start becoming more one with my mindsoulbody by starting yoga or drink seaweed smoothies to literally heal myself when I am ill.

But laughing rarely has me bent with my butt in my air and my head tucked behind my ankles and it never makes me gag (although sometimes I might sputter, but you’d have to tell a heck of a knock knock joke).  It’s pretty cheap, easy to come by, and has worked so well, that I think I might stick with it in 2011.


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