Reverb 10.21: Future Self.

December 21– Future Self.  Imagine yourself five years from now.  What advice would you give your current self for the year ahead?  (Bonus: Write a note to yourself 10 years ago.  What would you tell your younger self?)

Dear Katie,
You have worked hard to get to where you are. Probably harder in the last few years than ever before, as new tasks and challenges presented themselves quite boldly and the answers didn’t always come to you as naturally and easily as they once had. But that’s okay because these challenges have been so good for you. They have provided you with a new perspective on what (and who) really matter. They have given you a new patience and grace with people while also reminding you that life is simply too wonderful to waste holding grudges and being angry.

While I refuse to tell you (me?) that “your real life is about to start” because everything up until this point has really been real life, I will tell you that you are balancing on the cusp of big things. Or, in triathlon terms, you are at the transition between the swim and the bike. You have survived a tough part, but there are still big hills to climb and rocky roads. There might even be a flat tire, but you can fix it. Above all, there are always other cyclists. You can always ask for help and no one who loves you is going to be disappointed that you didn’t have the right answer or all of the resources. You are still young; forgive yourself the way others forgive you.

Continue working hard and do not get discouraged. Lots of things will change: your job, where you live, who you hang out with, your favorite TV show, the song that makes you drum the steering wheel. There are, however, some things about you that are just truth. Whether you like it or not. You are blunt and honest and that will please some and offend many. You are uninhibited with your stories and bring an inextinguishable energy to discussion. You are a good friend and in return you have earned the respect and love of many people who need you in much the same way that you need them. Hold tight to these truths, and do not put energy into changing them. They are the fibers of Katie, just as much as your Great-grandpa Lyle’s big blue eyes, your mother’s sensitivity to animals, your father’s love for belly laughs, and that crazy head of messy curls that is uniquely you.

Hang in there kid.

(Future) Katie


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