100 Reads: Three Cups of Tea

I recently finished Three Cups of Tea, that tells the story of Minnesota native Greg Mortenson and how his failure to climb K2 is changing the world.  Mortenson starting working to build schools in Pakistan, and particularly schools that will educate girls, when he had hardly any money and was sleeping in his car.   He earned the respect of many people worldwide, and most importantly in the Muslim communities of Pakistan.  While some did not trust the big American, many welcomed him and did as much as they could to convince Mortenson to build one of his famous schools in their village.  

Mortenson’s story is an inspiring lesson in many ways: with nothing but passion and a reason to act, one can achieve many things; you cannot (and do not have to) do things by yourself; you can make big change with few traditional resources; despite cultural and religious differences, all people want a better life for their children; and it is so important to educate girls.

I haven’t yet decided what book from the list to read next, but with 70 to go, I don’t think lack of options is my problem!

Happy page-turning!


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