Reverb 10.29: Defining Moment.

December 29– Defining moment.  Describe a defining moment or series of events that has affected your life this year. 

I spent agonizing afternoons looking for the dress that simply stated “I am young and fresh (and a little stylish, to boot!) but I am also ready to face this world as a new professional who acts with maturity and resolve.” And I found the dress: a beautifully structured cotton dress with modest neckline, gorgeous bold watercolor floral print, a cute bright yellow belt, and pockets.  All dresses should have pockets. 

And for all that searching, the little gem sat on a hanger in my room for 6 weeks because I vowed I would not even consider wearing it until the event for which it was purchased. 
May 17, 2010 came, and I slid the dress over my recently tanned shoulders and a body that had too long been away from the gym or trails.  And then immediately slid a too-big one-size-fits-most black robe right over that beautiful dress, put my round head in a square hat adorned with a salmon pink tassel that clashed with the intense hues so carefully chosen weeks ago. I covered feet that had figuratively and literally run miles and miles over the last two years with a fabulous pair of brown kitten heels and in the blink of an eye, I had taken no more than 20 steps across a dramatically lit stage in Northrup Auditorium at the University of Minnesota, accepted a scroll and alumni gift, and quickly found my seat amongst dozens of other 30 second graduates of the University of Minnesota School of Public Health.  

For years I had been joking that I was going to put the MPH in ‘triumph’ and, in fact, you readers have heard the joke many many times (sorry).  But walking across that stage defined what this year has been all about: the passage from one stage of life to the next.  

And looking fabulous doing it.


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