Reverb 10.31: Core Story

December 31– Core story.  What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world?  

Genetics, schmenetics.  My blood type was given to me specifically for the way happiness courses through me daily. 

B Positive.  

And that, I think, is my core story.  I looked back through all the reverb prompts, figuring those were a pretty good reflection on the year I have had.  If not the events, at least the way the year makes me feel, having survived all 364.5 days of it so far.  And despite the honesty about a rough go here and there, the common themes included: a newfound safety in reliance on friends,  a continued reliance on perspective about my various situations (living in your sister’s basement is better than not having anywhere to live, having a temporary job in your field trumps going back to my barista days), and the huge role that humor and laughter play in my life.  

Appreciating life doesn’t mean looking at how things could be worse.  It means feeling positively about how things are.  Just because they are.  


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