The Requisite New Year Post in Which All Old Things are Redocumented and New Things Dreamed Up 2.0

Below is an excerpt from the New Year’s post I wrote at the beginning of 2010, making my predictions or hopes for the year.  After of living the last 365 days, let’s compare notes (my new comments will be left in red): 

What will 2010 hold?  There are a few things I know for almost sure:

Graduate (square hat: check, defend thesis: check, get diploma: check.  Fantastic)
Get a big-kid job (kinda, sorta. If you squint and look at it sideways, it’s a big kid job)
Run the Buffalo Triathlon (And the Brewhouse too! Also, PR on Buffalo even after a bike collision that sent the bottom half of my leg in a different direction than the top)
Run the Muddy Buddy race with Kim (Ski slopes were meant for skiing.  Not biking and running up and down, up and down.  Still an awesome time!)
Continue to make art (Even sold a few)
Continue to consider the three mile loop around Lake of the Isles “mine” (Moved to the suburbs, became a gym rat.  Consider treadmill 3rd from wall on left, 4th row “mine”)
Turn 24 on my golden birthday! (And had a fabulous Uptown birthday party to boot)
 face challenges I can probably not even dream of but I feel confident that I can overcome 

Hopes for 2010: 
I don’t really know, actually.  I hope that I can be injury-free and successful in my races (well, mostly), that school provides me enough challenge to know that I have earned the degree but not so much that I run fleeing from the University (mostly), that my relationships with family and friends stay strong (I think they got stronger), that something I do (large or small) makes someone happier or relieved for even a moment, that I continue to surprise myself by trying new things and taking calculated, but exhilarating risks (Oh, I surprise myself everyday.  Whether I like it or not). 

Resolutions?  Meh, not really, but if I think about “starting over” in the New Year, there are a few things I would like to try, like: better organization and time management (Sources Unknown.  Please Try Again), better/more meaningful communication with friends, and learning to cook awesome food (think more Asian inspired dishes, learning to cook fresh fish, and maybe even an attempt at sushi) (Think: grilled cheese and tomato soup.  From a can).  I guess I would like to expand my “life learning” in general after 18 solid years of dedicating myself almost solely to academic learning.  We’ll see what happens. 

So, what’s in store for 2011?  

Well, I will run my 3rd Buffalo Triathlon  on June 5.  In October I will run my first (and probably last) marathon.  I am planning on biting another adulthood bullet and moving into my own place in March/April.  Purchase of kitty cat to follow.  I certainly hope that 2011 is the year of a permanent, full time job– this temporary stuff is stressful.  There is a potential Spring Break trip to Ft. Myers, FL with two women who have known me for 10 years (10 years!!).  I think it is going to be full of promise, excitement, budgeting, fantastic conversation with friends, maybe some heartbreak.  I am sure there will be a twisted ankle or shin splint, hurt feelings, and loss.  Time will pass like any other year, bringing with it opportunity and wisdom.  And more funny stories to tell.  

I know I have the good life because every year is better than the one before it.  2011 has big shoes to fill.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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