Katie International Yellow

Dear Misters Picasso, Van Gogh, Warhol, Close, and Johns,
You know you guys are “my boys.”   The ones I can always rely on to make me smile with whimsical subject matter, the perfect use of bold color, and a true talent for making everyday objects and occurrences feel more alive and more beautiful.  Nothing can take that away from you and nothing ever will.  However, after witnessing an incredible display of the works of Yves Klein at the Walker Art Center last night, I would like us all to consider him for membership in the exclusive Association of Katie’s Favorite Creative Artists. 

I understand he is not as well known as most of you, but I think his application warrants examination given some very strong characteristics:

1.  His talented use of a blow torch.  And not to inflict pain upon himself, Mr. Cuts-Off-His-Ears Vincent.  Yves (yes, we’re on a first name basis) torched some wood-backed cardboard and it turned in to fabulous and provocative pieces that I think highlight how elemental art and design are. 

2.  He wears a bowtie and at least two out of the three pieces of a three-piece suit while torching.  (See above photo for reference). 
3.  He invented his own color.  His own color!  And it is named after him: Klein International Blue.
4.  He’s got a pretty good way with words. 
For me, each nuance of a color is in some way an individual, a being who is not only from the same race as the base color, but who definitely possesses a distinct character and personal soul. — Yves Klein
Overall, gentlemen, I do not believe that Klein’s inclusion into the Association will overshadow any of the contributions any of you have made to the art world, and specifically, to my art world. 
Please consider my request seriously and provide a response to my inquiry soon.  If I am difficult to reach in the next few days, it is simply because I am busy perfecting the formula for Katie International Yellow. 
With highest regards,


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