I Don’t Save the Animals (or Grocery Shop) but I Do Watch Professional Sports

I wish I could give you some sexy reason for why I have been so terribly MIA from blogging in the last 2 weeks.

Was I saving baby pandas in the bamboo forests of China?  No, I was not.

Was I huddled in a vividly colored tent at a base camp on my way to the peak of Mt. Everest? No, I was not.

Was I lost a sea for days, drifting under a harsh sun on a slowly deflating life raft after a diving trip gone wrong?  No, I was not.

Was I here, in Minneapolis, having several local adventures (of a less dangerous variety)? Why, yes I was.

Did I enjoy a beautifully crafted fancy cocktail at Prohibition, the bar atop the historic Foshay Tower?  Yes I did.

Did I know Minnesota still had a professional basketball team? No, not really… but did I have a wonderful time watching them lose (surprise surprise)?  Yes I did.

Did I start taking an art class with my mom and sister that has me a little psyched out (it’s clay-3D.  I am a 2D kid, generally) but excited to have a concrete time set to release the creativity each week?  Yes I did.

Did I finally go to the Xcel Energy Center to see the Minnesota Wild hockey team play in the great State of Hockey?  Yes I did.  Did I have an awesome time? Most certainly.

Have I actually been sticking to my marathon training schedule?  Yes I have.  And I think I might have even had a bit of a breakthrough in the last week between a 5 mile long run last Sunday and a pair of short 3s this week.  I am certainly on track to personal best some 5Ks this spring, if nothing else.  Less than 4 months to the Buffalo Triathlon– time to start working in some more swim time.

Have I been spending a fair amount of my spare time with a young man who shares my love for coffee (let us gloss over his preference for Starbucks…), has good taste in beer, makes interesting conversation, looks fantastic in a suit, and takes me to a hockey game even though he may rather be on the baselines at Target Field? Yes I have.  Gladly.

Have I gone grocery shopping since I last felt I was “out of food?”  No.  So meals lately have consisted of spaghetti or mac’n’cheese, peanut butter sandwiches, and coffee.  Milk has only been gone for 2 days, but apples for at least 4.  This is most distressing and somewhere between the treadmill miles, the professional sporting events, and drinks with fruit hanging off the edge of the cup, I will buy another 10 pounds of apples and restore peace to the refrigerator.  And maybe some cheese.

ALSO! In a completely unrelated topic, Reverb10 is back as Reverb11 and they are posting monthly prompts starting in February.  The current prompt is sitting unanswered in my inbox right now, but expect an update in that fashion shortly.


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