Casualty #2 (Or #1, revisited)

An update on the toe with no toenail.

Now it’s broken.  Not the toenail.  The whole toe.

And before you go judging my ability to self-diagnose, let me just give you the list of symptoms and allow you to make your own conclusion– which I am sure will be the same as mine.

Symptom #1: While running, I heard and felt a pop in my pinky toe followed by immense pain.
Symptom #2:  Swelling of epic proportions.
Symptom #3:  Hot to the touch, indicating some pretty gnarly inflamation.
Symptom #4: Bruising.  Pick your shade, pick your intensity.  I got it. 
Symptom #5: Pain.  And a lot of it, for a while.

On the plus side, there is a nub of toenail coming back! 


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