Maybe I’m Too Busy to Title This One

Burning the candle at both ends?  Not really.

Strapping the candle to a firecracker and exploding it into a million sparkling bits that rain to the ground in a spectrum of brilliant colors?  Yep.

So maybe I am up at 5am and to bed at 11pm some nights.  Maybe it sometimes takes 2 big cups of (sinfully delicious omigodiloveyou) coffee for me to reach baseline function in the morning.  Maybe I spend my train ride home trying to architect a night that uses every minute perfectly.

Maybe tonight I mistakenly thought a peanut butter sandwich would fuel me through 20 minutes of silly playtime with a yellow dog, a devilish carving session in the clay studio, and a 3 mile run.  Maybe I put my running pants on backwards and didn’t notice until mile 2.  Maybe I forgot headphones.  And my gym card. And to check the mail.

But maybe, just maybe, last week I turned a corner in my marathon training and I am finally feeling confident that I will cross that finish line in October. And maybe today I was invited to showcase my artwork in June and I found just a moment to call Mom and Dad (between clay and backwards-pants running) to share that news.  And maybe in all the driving around I was able to sing to Florence and the Machine’s The Dog Days Are Over at the very top of my lungs and even squeeze in a little dance at a stoplight.  And maybe in between all of this running around I managed to convince another person that I am interesting and worth a goodnight phone call.

Maybe I am vaporizing the fabled candle before I can even think about lighting it.

That’s maybe definitely okay.  Life is definitely extremely good.


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