Reverb 11: March

If March 2011 was your last month to live, how would you live it?

Honestly, if I only had 31 days to live I would not continue life as normal.  I love my job, but that’s probably the first thing that would change.  And I would probably stop caring about what I ate on a daily basis.  Bring on the ice cream sundaes, the ball park hot dogs, tacos every night, and cupcakes for breakfast.  I would probably move back to my parents’ house. 

But on the other hand, some things would stay the same.  In fact, many of the things I have already done in March (or am planning on doing) would fit right in line with my wishes for my last 31 days. 

I would take a vacation with my best friends and take in stories of their aspirations for their future and laugh as we compare those to the lofty dreams we had for ourselves when we first met as teenage girls. 

I would spend time laughing with my family and loving them up in any way I knew how. 

I would attend events that I enjoy and that have significance to my friends or family.  I would celebrate the accomplishments of those around me without jealousy or competition.

I would play ball with the dogs in my life. 

I would not fold my socks.

I would paint.  I would paint often.  I would paint big things and small things.  I would paint yellow things and blue things. 

I would eat Mom’s classic chili.

I would love and be loved, and I can think of no better way to spend my final 31 days. 


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