Current Situation: Extreme Anticipation

“I’ve been sitting, waiting, wishing…” — Jack Johnson

I cannot fathom why, one whole hour into the work week, I have not yet heard about the position I applied for with a metro county (which closed at 5 pm on Friday) nor have I heard about the apartment I applied for Saturday afternoon. 

I’m just kidding. Of course I understand.

But logic doesn’t make me stop compulsively checking my phone in case I missed a call which is impossible because the phone is practically surgically attached to my body at all times. All times.  Logic doesn’t keep me from constantly logging in to the application I submitted to see if the status has changed in the last… 5 or so minutes.  Logic isn’t keeping me from excessive chair swiveling, toe tapping, pen clicking, or speaking of little except a new job, a new apartment, and a new cat (which apparently 80% of my friends will hate/be allergic to).  It doesn’t keep me from replaying this worst-case scenario over and over in my mind: I do not get the apartment, my sister kicks me out, the county laughs me right out of an interview, and I end up mopping floors for $6.00/hr and returning to a windowless basement apartment in which the toilet is in the kitchen. 

My imagination gets the best of me often.  Particularly when I am stuck waiting for something.

So here I sit, trying to focus on work, and instead bouncing back and forth between worst-case scenario and daydreaming about where I will hang art in a tiny not-yet-mine apartment in St. Paul.  And pondering why no one seems to think it is appropriate to name a cat Michael…

BONUS: I was looking for a word that rhymed with ‘anticipation’ for the title and also came up with these other possibilities:

  • Anticipation Infiltration
  • Anticipation: Fire Station (only to be bested by ‘Anticipation: Space Station!’)
  • Crustacean Anticipation
  • Anticipation Mutation (this happens when you change what you are waiting for)
  • Anticipation Taxation
  • Anticipation Activation (you’re just starting to get excited!)
  • Anticipation Cancellation (I hope this does not happen to me)
  • Anticipation Confirmation
  • Anticipation: Population 1
  • Anticipation: Taste Sensation!
  • Anticipation with Speculation
  • Anticipation by Experimentation
  • Anticipation: Guilt by Association
  • Process of Elimination Anticipation

Really, the list goes on and on… but if later you check back and find this post has been renamed Anticipation: The Space Station do not say you weren’t warned.


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