You Can’t Always Get What You Want, But if You Try Sometime You Find You get What You Need

Update: I got the apartment in St. Paul.  Turns out, no one else in my life had any doubt that I would pass the rigorous application process (“Please list the first and last name of both your parents.  Please list all debts you have ever or might ever consider having.  Please rank your toes in order of favorite to least favorite.”)  Okay, maybe I didn’t have to rank toes, but let us remember that I am now in my dreaded mid-twenties (omigoshwhathappened?) and have never applied to live in an apartment by myself.

With having never truly lived on my own, I have never had all the things one needs to completely fill an apartment. The time I did live alone in college was in a campus apartment, which was pretty much all set up with the things one would need to survive.  in 2008 entered Best Roommate Ever who owns (and uses beautifully) every kitchen gadget known to man, has furniture and decorations, rugs and plates, silverware and vintage records.  All I ever had to do was show up and we were ready.

Now that I am approximately 45 days from Step 1 to independent, mature adulthood, I realize there are things I really need for an apartment.  But for every 1 item I add to the list of things needed, I put about 2 to 4 items on the list of things wanted.  It goes like this:

Kitchen Need: Microwave.

Product Image

Kitchen Want(s): Ninja Bread Men cookie cutters, fruit infusing pitcher, life vest for my wine.

Living Room Need: A Rug.

Living Room Want(s): Green head planter, metal owl, bird bookends.

The list of needs goes on: toaster, broom, garbage can, bed skirt, etc etc etc.  So you can only imagine what the list of wants looks like…


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