An Interview with a Mugwump

I have this somewhat bad habit/compulsion that when I enter someone’s home for the first time, I like to look at all of their stuff.  Well, not like digging through their undies or anything especially creepy, but I like to look at every travel souvenir, every family photo, each tchotchke on the shelf above the sink, every piece of art.  You can learn a lot about what people value and their tastes by looking at what they put in their home.  
Turns out, about two months ago I purchased the conversational equivalent of reading the spine of every book on someone’s shelf.  A book of questions!  Which was a genius invention for people like me, who could did spend an hour ‘interviewing’ someone about their favorite foods and activities at the Minnesota State Fair.  We brought the book along on our trip to Florida and I learned some really neat things about people I have known for 10 years.  

So, because blogging seems more fun than packing right now and there isn’t anyone here to interview, I figured you (I?) would enjoy an interview with a Mugwump.  Particularly because I know there are some new followers– thanks!– and I haven’t done any ‘About Me’ list-like things in quite a while.  And because I don’t want to pack.
What are things you once believed that more knowledge proved different?
I once believed my parents knew everything.  I mean, they could make a math problem out of a restaurant napkin!  They knew about all of these things that happened in the 1970s! Do you know how long ago that seemed for a Kindergartner in the early 90s?  Of course, things have changed since age 5 and  I don’t believe that my parents know everything.  I know they know everything.
Are you good at answering trivia questions?
I cannot remember what I ate for breakfast, where my shoes/keys/cup of coffee went, or remember to accomplish many things without a list.  That’s because my brain space is filled with trivia, particularly on current events, art, and pop culture history.  My trivia weakness is film history. I cannot identify famous people in a line up and I have seen an embarrassingly low number of films. 
Do you want an open seat next to you on an airplane? 
This question had me torn.  My first reaction was to answer as follows: An open seat?! I’d settle for more than 3 ounces of beverage and 2 peanuts, I’d be thrilled if the lady behind me would stop mining for precious gems in the seat back pocket, and I’d love if Mr. Snores-Too-Much in front of me did not lean his face back all the way into my lap.  
But that’s really not a problem at all.  Would I like an open seat? Sure, it makes air travel a little more comfortable.  What I really want is for everyone on my flight to remain healthy. I want my plane to take off and land safely. In the event of an emergency, I want my chair cushion to actually float or for my oxygen mask be free of any kinks that prevent the flow of air. After that, an open seat is just a bonus.
Do you stand or walk on escalators?
Yes.  I rarely sit, squat, or dance a jig on the escalator.  I find that standing or walking, while a bit bland, is the most socially acceptable.  Also, imagine getting your bum caught between the joining stairs at the end of the ride! Ouch!
In what order do you put on your clothes? 
Undies last! (When I am feeling Superheroic)
What would you name your yacht?
This question came up in Florida, and I am still struggling.  If it were a river-traversing vessel, I would call it “Mudflat Mugwump” but this is not a very classy, elegant name.  A sea-faring vessel needs something a little more regal.  Perhaps I would name her “Lady Gray.” I have no idea where that comes from, other than I am pretty sure it is a type of tea. . . Also, I would like “Yellow Submarine” but I imagine this is probably trademarked and I would prefer my hypothetical yacht not act like a submarine.  
Do you prefer summer or winter?
This question is being asked of a non-skiing Minnesotan who had their spring rudely interrupted by a rain/sleet/snow/ice-stravaganza that made traffic a nightmare and is contributing to the rampant flooding that is about to befall our beloved state.  As far as I am concerned blistering sunburns, swimsuits, fancy cocktails over ice, and rooftop or patio bars cannot happen soon enough.  Summer. 

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