Casualties #4 and #5: The Hip Bone’s Connected to the Leg Bone

Casualty #4: My left hip.
Hard to know if this is truly an issue with my actual hip, or the excruciating pain in my hip socket (for example, it feels like someone’s fist is wedged between the head of my femur and the socket that is supposed to be gently cradling it) is a symptom of something else.  Preferably, something fairly easy to fix.  Which I think/hope it is.  Which brings us to…

Casualty #5: My dream shoes. 
I believe the pain in my hip (and sometimes calves and knees) is caused by something easy to fix, but simultaneously slightly heartbreaking.  It is time for the Nikes to be retired.  My dream shoes.  That I designed.  With my name embroidered near the heel.  Generally, serious runners put no more than approximately 300 miles on a pair of shoes.  While I have not always tracked mileage, I know I have run over 100 miles in 2011 alone, so I am guessing that shoes that first hit the pavement over 20 months ago have seen closer to 400 miles.  Luckily, Groupon had a coupon for the Running Room a few weeks ago and at the very least I can get a discount.

The next depressing part of the New Soles for my Soul saga? If I really stick to this marathon training thing, I will have racked up so many miles that I will have to buy ANOTHER pair of shoes before race day.  I hope Ramen is on the pre-race diet. . .


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